Cameron Products
View File CAMRAM 350 Hi Temperature Packers
View File CAMRAM Dual Bore Flex Packer
View File CAMRAM Fatigue Test Results
View File Elastomer Shelf Life
View File Extended Range Temperature VBR II
View File Flex Packer-NR (Narrow Range)
View File Genuine CAMRAM Elastomers
View File Safety Alert 23630
GE (Hydril) Products
View File BOP & Ram Brochure
View File Effects of Fluids on Elastomers - Hydrogen Sulfide
View File Effects of Fluids on Elastomers - Synthetic Drilling Fluids
View File Effects of Fluids on Elastomers - Zinc Bromide Brines
View File Elastomer Shelf Life
NOV (Shaffer) Products
View File 11-5M Multiram Failure to Seal on Large Pipe
View File Correct Multi-Ram Installation
View File Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide-Carbon Dioxide on Blowout Preventer Components
View File Elastomer Storage
View File Poslock Operators Using Multi-Ram Assemblies



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